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We are the largest Scenar user group in Queensland, Australia dedicated to the promotion, use and information on Scenar technology.


 Scenar Therapists Group


Our Scenar group in South-east Queensland.  If you wish to find more information about

·       Scenar Therapy

·       Locate Scenar Therapists

·       Scenar technology




What is Scenar therapy?

Scenar is a self-controlled, non-invasive, non-toxic, regulator.  It contacts through the skin using reflex response feedback, an area of the body to help it heal itself.  Scenar can have a profound effect on acute, chronic and physical pains that have not responded to other forms of treatment. . The inventors received a Lenin prize for it and in Russia it has become a popular mainstream medical modality with many applications.

Can Scenar Therapy help me?

 Studies at the Macquarie University Sydney have shown dramatic results with pain reduction, functional improvement and health restoration.



Australian health practitioners and members of the public are using these devices to great effect on both chronic and acute painful conditions and injuries that may not respond to other forms of treatment.








The information on this website is not intended to replace medical and health advice offered by doctors and health professionals. Scenar4life makes no representations or warranties with respect to any treatment, action, or preparation by any person following the information offered or provided throughout this site. If you have any health concern please get in contact with your Medical Doctor.



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